Hi everybody, I did finally got the Interview Video Job, I hope you like it. Even though my english is not good,I put all efforts to do it.. Thank you teacher for this trainning...


I am completly agree with the 27-score I got; the interview was amazing, I felt some nervous (just kidding) but everything worked out, I think this was the 1st step for practicing what we have been doing throughtout the course. Besides I could see how important was all topics for having a great Interview and getting a job succesfully.


 Seeking to take up managerial position in Infrastructure field of Civil Engineering and take challenging, creative and diversified projects.


Expertise in SAP and ETABS
Efficient management and organizational abilities
Good problem solving with analytic thinking.
Open mind to work in complex environment and projects


I can operate effectively with Microsoft office tools: Word, excel,power point.
I have knowledge of various versions of Windows Operating system namely Win.Vista and Win 98.
Ability to learn new computer programmes easily.


Native Spanish



National University (Manizales-Caldas)
BSc.Civil Engineering/Infrastructural Building
Cauca University (Cali-Vlle/. Cauca)
BSc. Business Management


Industrial Santiago High School
Technic-comercial Degree


Infrastructural and Building Seminar
National University (Manizales)


Contraloria Caldas/Departament of Engineering , Manizales, Feb. 2010 Engineering Infrastructural Interventor

I am responsible for being in a project process from design stage to final implementation stage.

I have monitor and ensure that the development is getting done with all specification without violating government standards.

I have to use cost evaluation techniques and calculations to ensure that the project cost is kept the minimum without losing quality and efficiency in stipulated time.

Finally I have to report clearly each activity, of project process, at the end of day.


Jimmy Wilfredo Castillo
National University
Civil Engineer
Valle del Cauca

Edwin Javier Rosero
Civil Engineer.

Octavio Andrés de la Cruz
Busness Manager


I got a long-term goal. It involves growing with a company where I can continue to learn, take additional responsibilities, and contribute as much of value as I can. This Company will work for improving quality life of places where people lives.

I see myself as a DIRECTOR OF INFRASTRUCTURE. Working for one of the industry leaders, in Colombia, within the consulting engineering sector.​ ​

I will work on Land Development and Municipal Design projects.​ Leading a work team, I will be dealing with a number of different areas including, residential, commercial and subdivisions.​ Responsibilities will include field inspections, site servicing, earthworks, reports, proposals and project management.​

I will supervise and coordinate all paperwork internally such as engineering plans and drafting process, expertise reports and technical reports and engineering documentation.​

Besides, I will promote services offered by my company to potential customers and I will work in a collaborative manner with other Directors for developing business and improve our territory .​

In order to get this I will keep on my studies, I will learn english as a second language and I will cultivate myself for help people to improve their quality life.


I am Carlos Rolando Ruiz Ramos, a National University student, coursing last semester of Civil Engineering Program.
I live in Manizales Caldas but I come from Santiago Putumayo, placed on the south of Colombia; I am twenty eight (28) years old and I got the best family ever: We are there (3) brothers and two (2) sisters, my mommy and my daddy. I am the youngest of them!

This profession helps me to improve citizen’s life quality, supported by other branches such us geotechnical, structural, environmental and water treatment engineering.

Before leaving,I want to say that I am so happy of helping people and making, of our city, a better place to live.


Civil Engineering makes me able of planning, designing and operating construction projects as well as solving any kind of structural problems (pollution, traffic congestion, urban development, and so on…).

I love what I am studying!!!!

I consider communication skills are so important to interact between the client, the various contractors and operational units working. That's why Civil engineering makes me able to promote services offered by a Business Unit to potential clientele within a designated territory, working in a collaborative manner with various other Construction Unit Directors of any territory.


The main interest is my family that has been in the ups and downs. I want to become a professional and getting lot of expertise inside of my field.

I will study English so hard to work with International Companies, in this way I will be able to learn and apply the acquired knowledgee into the place where I come from and the city where I got my profession.
Being financially free and building my own Infrastructural Company. I want to cultivate myself; in that way I will get what I want: Being the one who wants the safety of its community, city and country.